• 110年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 李以珍 曹俊漢 全球治理與國家治理間價值衝突之研究:臺灣與紐西蘭原住民政策的比較分析
Value Conflict between Global Governance and National Governance
: A Comparative Analysis of the Aboriginal Peoples' Policies in Taiwan and New Zealand
2 劉本善 龐建國 從語音平台興起探討台灣廣播的未來─以Podcast為例
Impact of the rise of voice platforms on the future of Taiwan’s Broadcasting: Taking Podcast as an Example
3 阮氏玉英 歐陽新宜 越南政府322留學教育計劃之評估
Evaluation of Vietnamese Government’s Educational Project 322
  • 109年第二學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 丁增義 葉明德 博愛公天下思想與直接民權之研究
Fraternity-Based Thoughts on the World as a Whole and Direct Civil Rights
2 蔡明志 龐建國 立法委員於預算分組審查之角色分析-一○九年度交通部主管預算案的個案研究
An Analysis of Legislators’ Roles in the Process of Reviewing Budget Proposals
: A Case Study of 2020 General Budget Proposal from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications
3 李瑞 葉明德 兩岸域外刑事管轄權競合之研究—以「屬人原則」觀點分析
A Research on Cross-Straits Extra-Territorial Criminal Jurisdiction Controversy
—With Special Reference to the Principle of Person
4 簡銘翔 龐建國 閩南地區體驗式交流對臺灣年輕人文化認同之影響
The Influence of Experiential Communication on the Cultural Identity in Southern Fujian on Young People in Taiwan
  • 109年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 于保雲 龐建國 全球化與全球在地化:新北市區級地方治理分析
Globalization and Glocalization: An Analysis on District Governance in New Taipei City
2 張文釋 李炳南 從我國與美國國土安全運作論行政院國土安全 辦公室之變革
A Study on the Transformation of Taiwan's Homeland Security Office
: Experiences of Homeland Security Operations in Taiwan and the U.S.
3 黃素英 李炳南 我國書記官制度之研究
Research on the Registrar System in Taiwan
  • 108年第二學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 葉子綱 龐建國 從《新聞法》制定探討中國大陸新聞政策
A Study on China’s News Policy in terms of the Enactment of the News Law
2 石永祿 歐陽新宜 臺灣身心障礙者庇護工場政策之研究
A Policy Analysis of The Sheltered Workshop for the Disabled in Taiwan
3 邱啟瑗 李炳南 宋慶齡與民國政府之政治關係
Political Relations Between Soong Ching-Ling and the Government of Republic of China
4 陳淑蘭 龐建國 台灣長期照顧政策中家庭照顧者之研究 -以宜蘭縣家庭照顧者支持服務方案為例
A Study on Family Caregivers in Taiwan’s Long-term Care Policy
: Taking the Project of Services of YiLan County in Support of Family Caregivers as an Example
  • 108年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 林國棟 李炳南 公部門勞動關係中非公務員體系員工工資爭議案件之研究-探析臺北市單一機關個案問題
A Study of Non-Civil Service Employee Wage Disputes in Public Sector Labor Relations
— An alysis of the Case of the single Authority in Taipei City
2 呂昭芬


The Study about Patient Right to Autonomy Act of Euthanasia
  • 107年第二學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 陳春輝 葉明德

An Analysis of the Controversy Over Unification or Independency in Taiwan

2 劉國儀 曹俊漢

An Analysis of the Current Governance of Refugee Problems from the Perspective of Global Governance
: A Case Study of the Orientation of the Germany''''s Governance on Refugees

3 林介士 李炳南

A Study on the Tourism Development Policy for Qiang Ethnic Group Area in Northwest Sichuan

4 莫桂娥 李銘輝/

A Study on Cruise Sales Strategy of Taiwanese Travel Agency

5 潘振聲 李炳南

A Study on Chen Yun's Party-Building Thought

6 顧軒庭 龐建國

An Analysis of Compulsory Measures in the Process of Criminal Proceedings in Mainland China
—Taking Detention as an Example

7 張逢益 葉明德

An Analysis of Factors Influencing Lawyer's Job Performance in Taiwan

8 古曉婷 趙建民

Deviation of Land Policy Implementation in Cina's Grass-roots Rogines
——A Case Study of Rural Collective Land Used for Construction

9 黃文鳳 龐建國

State Control and Cyber Protest in Mainland China

10 袁怡棟 葉明德

The Analysis of Internet Technology Application and Governance Strategy in Mainland China

  • 107年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 梁君棣 邵宗海

A Research on China’s Power of International Discourse in the Wake of It’s Rising Status (2003~2017)

2 施秋蘭 龐建國

臺灣長期照顧政策的推動與實踐 居家服務人力供應之研究
Launching and Practice of Long Term Care Policy in Taiwan-Home Care Workforce Supply

3 蕭督圜 龐建國

A Study on Hong Kong's Social Conflict and Adjustment after It's Handover

4 朱英嘉 邵宗海

From Regional Cooperation to Regional Intergration with Chinese Characteristics
 -An Example of the Framework Agreement on Cooperation between Guangdon and Macau

5 洪耀南 龐建國

Factor across the Taiwan Strait in Taiwan’s Elections : A Case Study of the 2016 Taiwan President Election

6 陳志成 歐陽新宜

China's Internet Security Regulations - A Textual Analysis for Its Offensive - controllable Orientation Strategy

7 趙任民 龐建國

A Study on the Elderly Welfare Policy Development in Macao

8 蘇佳善 歐陽新宜

A Research on the Tendency of Taiwanese Social Movements Transformation
  : Non-violent, Frequent and Diversified Developments

  • 106年第二學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 李永義 葉明德

Research on the Political Education of the ROC Armed Forces:A View from Military Socialization

2 許家偉 歐陽新宜

Analysis of voluntary military service recruitment – A case of Taiwan

  • 106年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 胡天瑞 葉明德

A Study on the Custody and Human Rights during the Criminal Investigation in the Republic of China

  • 105年第二學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 車慶餘 葉明德

A Study on the Rise and Decline of the TV Programs Production on the Two Sides of the Strait

2 游正鈿 龐建國

A Study of the Managerial Mechanism for Taiwan's Agricultural Water Resources

3 王思安 龐建國

A Study of Obama Administration’s Asian-Pacific Policy :The Evaluation of the Strategy of Re-balancing Asia

4 黃明發 龐建國

A Study of Cross-strait Cooperation on Elderly Care Industry

  • 105年第一學期

姓名 指導教授 論文題目
1 劉奕湘 林國賢

A Study on the Reforms of Legal Education in the Mainland China(1985-2015)